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General Settings

General Settings

Click [General Settings] in the menu.

Define or modify general settings

General Settings Screen

General Settings

Define or modify general settings.

Default Settings for Mail (the setting can be modified individually)

Define default settings for Mail function.

Number of Messages/Page

Choose the number of messages to be displayed on one page.

Confirm before Sending

If you choose "Yes", the confirmation screen is displayed when sending messages.

Save Sent Messages

Choose whether you want to save messages you sent to [Sent] or not.
Choose [Save] if you want to save messages.

Forwarding and Replying

If you choose "Include original message text", the text will be prefixed.

Recipients when Reply to All

Choose whether "To" of the original messages is added to "To" or "Cc".

When forwarding a message

Choose whether original message text is quoted or attached.

Mark messages as read

Choose whether mark a message as read when the last line is displayed. Specify how long it waits before marking as read.
* If you do not specify [Wait the specified seconds before marking as read], messages are not read automatically.

Automatic Receive

You can receive incoming messages automatically.
If you check [Schedule an automatic receive], specify the frequency of receiving.

Enable Drag & Drop files (It cannot use in V3.3I R1.3. )

If you choose "Enable", the Drag & Drop files function is available.
* Drag & Drop files feature available only for Internet Explorer users.

Show confirmation dialog when WebMail deletes expired old messages.

This option is valid when you choose a value other than "Unlimited" in "Keeping Messages for" option.
When you choose "Yes", the confirmation screen is displayed to ask users whether it deletes the expired old messages.
If you choose "No", the expired old messages are deleted whether they have been read or not.

Common Settings for Mail

Define common settings for Mail function.

Forwarding Action of Filtering

Whether you allow users to use forwarding messages in message filters.

Keeping Messages for

Messages in Inbox older than this period will be deleted.
* Denbun deletes messages in Inbox specified days after.

Maximum number of characters of message body displayed

This is the maximum size of messages body to be displayed.

When displaying HTML messages

Specify how to display HTML messages.
When you choose "Display as HTML", an HTML formatted text of HTML messages is displayed.
When you choose "Display as attachment", only the text part of HTML messages is displayed.

Allow to compose HTML formatted messages

Whether you allow users to compose HTML messages.

Automatic New-Line when Sending

Whether new line message body automatically.
Specify the number of characters per line.

Volume Use Rate

Choose whether show [[Volume Use Rate] on the upper right of the screen.
* You should setup the space settings in your mail server.

Limit size of attachment file when sending

If you check "Limit size of attachment file", users cannot attach file larger than the size specified. This applies only for sending.

Allow users to enable Drag & Drop files (It cannot use in V3.3I R1.3. )

Choose "Allow" or "Do not allow". The default is "Do not allow".
If you choose "Allow", the Drag & Drop control is displayed on the message compose screen.

Allow users to download messages

Choose "Allow" or "Do not allow" users to download messages.

Limit size and number of messages

If "Allow users to download messages" is set as "Allow", the limitation is effective.
The users can download messages in the limitation of "Total size of messages" and "Total number of messages".

Undo Send

If "Enable Undo Send" is checked, the feature is enabled. You can setup the cancellation period.

Default Settings for Address Book (the setting can be modified individually)

Define default settings for Address Book function.

Number of Contacts/Page

Choose the number of contacts to be displayed on one page.

Define other settings.

Saving Login Information

Whether it saves the password when users check "Remember Login Information on this Computer" or not.

Skype Settings

When you choose "Use", users can access Skype from Address Book.

Excite Translation Settings (It cannot use in V3.3I R1.2. )

When you choose "Use", users can use the translation feature.


Choose which online or offline help you wish to use.
If you choose "Use Local Help", enter the URL for the help.

* When you extract the module for the help in the document root directory, the folder named "denbunhelp" is created. Specify the following URL.


* Your server's IP Address or Host name should be specified in "servername".

Mobile device settings for Mobile version

If you check "Limit access from specific mobile devices" option, users can only use "Kantan Login" (A login method that uses the device identification number).
Users cannot login Denbun from devices whose device identification number is not registered by using the Denbun management tool.
* To register the device identification number, you can enter the number in the edit user screen or use [Registration URL for device identification number (QR code)].
If you don't know a device identification number, use the latter method.

Connection Pooling Settings

Define connection pooling settings.

Number of Connection Pools

Specify the number of connection pools.
When you set this number to "0", an unlimited number of pooling servers can be invoked.
Since the pooling servers are invoked for each user, do not set it to "0" if there are many users.

Server Waiting Time

Specify how long the pooling server waits (in second).

Connection Timeout

Specify when the timeout occurs.

Click [OK] to save the changes.

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