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Denbun IMAP version - Limitations
  1. The Denbun does not work if the cookie is not allowed in your browser.
    Please make sure that the cookie setting is either "accept" or "ask me when accept".
    It assumes that only one user uses one user account. If more than one user login using the same user account, you may encounter unexpected behavior such as data loss or damage. Using more than one browser may cause the same problem. Using "Back" button of your browser may cause unexpected behavior such as data interfere during registering and /or updating process. Please use the icons and buttons to move between pages and update the data.
  2. JavaScript needs to be enabled on your browser.
  3. It does not support any Emoticon on mobile devices (You have a trouble of Mojibake:garbage characters).
  4. You can add addresses up to 256.
    It is possible to specify addresses for "To" "Cc" "Bcc" up to 256 respectively.
  5. Limitation where the received message cannot be converted into UTF-8.
    "Subject", "From", "Date" may be displayed as blank data.
    You have a trouble of Mojibake:garbage characters when open the message.
  6. The search results obtained by the directory server may vary.
  7. Regarding the Volume Use Rate.
    To show the Volume Use Rate, you have to setup space limitation settings on your IMAP server.
    The actual value of the space settings are depending on the IMAP server and its settings.
    The limitation feature is also depending on IMAP server's specification.
  8. If you use Microsoft Exchange Server as a mail server, Denbun does not work properly.
    -> Please refer FAQ006 I want to use Microsoft Exchange Server as a mail server for the limitation.
  9. When the undo send feature is enabled and if you close the browser when sending a message,
    the message is not sent and saved in the draft folder.
    When the undo send feature is enabled, please do not refresh or close the browser until the message "The message has been sent."
  10. When replying with a HTML message, the prefix is not added.
  11. Limitation with Safari (Browser).
    - In the message list, if you scroll often, then memory consumption is increased and the operation becomes slow. We are investigating now.
    - Uploading files might be failed. (Only with Safari for Mac)
    * The behavior in Keep Alive may make the problem. We are investigating now. We are investigating now. If you feel it takes too long, please retry it.
    The input method cannot be switched to "Hiragana". (Only with Safari for Mac)
    If you focus a password field, this problem occurs.
    You can use a shortcut key or choose "Reconvert" from the menu to switch to "Hiragana".
    The shortcut key switched to "Hiragana" is as follows.
    For "Kotoeri": "control + shift + J"
    For "ATOK": "control + shift + Z"
  12. Limitation with Firefox
    - If you use Firefox add-on, "Firebug" and "User Agent Switcher" at the same time, JavaScript error "userAgentButton is null" might occur.
  13. The error message, "Error occurred on a proxy server" may be displayed when sending message takes long time.
    To work around this problem, specify large value in the server timeouts for your web server.
  14. The message "Our system detected an illegal attachment on your message. Please" may be displayed when sending message is failed.
    When using Gmail, some file formats cannot be sent.
    Please refer for more information.
  15. The error message, "The message has sent successfully, but could not be saved into the IMAP server. Invalid Arguments: Unable to parse message [-22340]" may be displayed.
    This error likely occurred when sending a message with a large size attachment file.We confirmed that this error occurred in other mailers.We are investigating now.
  16. When using Gmail, number of unread messages is counted for Inbox only.
    Number of unread messages is not counted for other folders to use Denbun comfortably.
  17. You cannot use Yahoo! Mail.
    It does not work correctly.
  18. Limitations on tablets.
    - There are some common limitations in iPad and Android.
      - Displaying the context menu by right mouse click and drag & drop cannot be used.
        Due to this limitation, the following operations cannot be used.
          - On the mail screens
            - Cannot move messages to a folder.
            - Cannot change a name of folders.
            - Cannot move folders.
          - On address screens
            - Cannot move contacts to a contact group.
            - Cannot change a name of contact groups.
            - Cannot open the screen to send a message to a contact group.
            - Cannot open the detail screen of a contact when selection contacts on the contact selection screen.
          - On directory service screen
            - Cannot open the detail screen of an item when selection contacts on the contact selection screen.
      - Cannot choose multiple items in the list.
      - When going back to the detail screen or edit screen in the list, scroll position goes back to the top.
    - In iPad, there are following limitations.
      - Cannot attach files on message composing screen.
      - "Undo Send" function of e-mail cannot be used. (Only in the case of iOS5, it can be used)
      - Mail of HTML form cannot be edited.
      - Cannot export address book.
    - In Android, there are following limitations.
      - Font and format selection on HTML message composing screen does not work correctly.
      - Cannot open ".eml" formatted attachment file on the message screen.

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