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Installation Guide - Linux Version (using Denbun IMAP Revision up version [rpm file])

This guide describes how to install Denbun IMAP Revision up version of rpm on Linux server.
This explanation assumes that the server OS is a Linux and the web server is using Apache Server.
Please refer to the system requirements on the product web site for Linux distribution supported.
* It is not possible to uninstall Denbun IMAP Revision up version only.
Before installation...
  1. Stop all the Connection poolings by Management Tool and make sure no access to the Denbun.
    (If a connection pooling is activated, update may be failed)
  2. Backup all the modules and data of Denbun.
    Backup all the data in /var/www/cgi-bin/dnwml and /var/www/html/dnwmlroot directories.

1. Upload the file to the server

Upload the file you downloaded to the server by using FTP tools (freeware or Windows FTP command).

2. Login by using telnet

Login to the server by using telnet tool (freeware or Windows telnet tool).

3. Switch to root user

Use su command to switch to the root user.

4. Confirm before installation

Make sure that Denbun is installed in the server before installing the revision up version.

If you installed Denbun module by using an rpm file, use the above command to find whether Denbun is installed or not. If you used a tar file, check the destination directories.

5. Use rpm command to install.

After switching to the root user, use rpm command to install.

6. Installing...

When you execute the rpm command, the installation is started.

7. Complete installation

When the rpm command finished, the installation completed.

8. Run convert module

After the installation, convert the data.
To convert the data, use the following command.
* The directory "UPD_VxxRxx_VxxRxx" might not be included in certain type of update module.
 If the directory does not exist, you do not have to execute the convert module.

If anything is displayed after executing, the conversion terminated normally.
After the conversion, delete the directory, UPD_VxxRxx_VxxRxx.
If you need the log, move UPD_VxxRxx_VxxRxx/log to any directory.

rm -r /var/www/cgi-bin/dnwml/dnwmldata/share/excitetrans

rm -r /var/www/cgi-bin/dnwml/dntranslation.cgi

9. Security Measure [Important]

10. Access to Denbun

After complete the above steps, use browser such as Internet Explorer to access to Denbun.

URL e.g.

* Your server's IP Address or Host name should be specified in "servername".

Make sure that the updated version number is displayed on the login screen.

1. Uninstallation

If you uninstall Denbun revision up version only, Denbun will never work.
Please never uninstall the revision up version.
* Please be careful because you are root user.

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