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Security Measure [Important] (for Apache Web Server)

- Configure the setting below so that the data folder for Denbun cannnot be executed from browsers.

* Even though Denbun will still operate without the configuration, please make sure to configure it for security purpose.

1. Apache Configuration
1-1. Edit Configuration File

Edit Apache configuration file(httpd.conf).

* For example, if Apache is installed in [C:/Apache22], the configuration file would be in [C:/Apache22/conf].


Add the Directory directive, and deny access to data folder for Denbun.

Specify the directory dnwml/dnwmldata in Denbun.

      . (Omitted)
<Directory "C:/Apache22/cgi-bin/dnwml/dnwmldata">
  Order allow,deny
  Deny from all

1-2. Restart Apache

After editting the configuration file, restart Apache.



Apache configuration is complete.

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