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Security Measure [Important] (for IIS Web Server)

- Configure the setting below so that the data folder for Denbun cannnot be executed from browsers.

In the procedures below, IIS8 (Internet Information Services 8) in Windows Server 2012 is referred to as an example. The same procedures can be applied to:
  - IIS7 in Windows Server 2008
  - IIS10 in Windows Server 2016

* Even though Denbun will still operate without the configuration, please make sure to configure it for security purpose.

1. Internet Information Services (IIS) Configuration
1-1. Configure IIS Manager

Open IIS Manager.

Go to [(Target Server Name)] - [Sites] - [Scripts] - [dnwml] in the tree menu on the left and select [dnwmldata].

[dnwml/dnwmldata Home] will appear. Select [Handler Mappings] by doucble-click or [Open Feature] from the menu on the right.



[Handler Mappings] will appear. Select [Edit Feature Permissions] from the menu on the right.



[Edit Feature Permissions] will appear. Uncheck [Execute] and press [OK].



In [Handler Mappings], check the name column to make sure that
are disabled.



IIS configuration is complete.

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