Denbun POP version Manual
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Account List

To display Account List

Click [Account List] in the menu.


Account List View

User Name, Use Status, Default, Account Name, Receive Mail, Status are displayed in the list.
To edit an account, click the link in [Account Name].


Select Group

Click "Select Group" button to open the screen for selecting a group.
Select Group
Select a group and click "OK" button to show the users who belong to the group.

Group Selection


Use Status

Click the link in "Use Status" to change the status of the account.
If you change it to "No", the user cannot login to Denbun and creating, editing and deleting account cannot be done.

Use Status


Default Account

You can choose an account as the default account.
If you click the default icon , the icon is changed to , and the account is the default account for the user.

Receive Mail

Click [Receive Mail] to change the receiving setting.
If you choose "No", messages are not received from the account.

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