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Display Fields Settings

To setup Display Fields Settings

Click [Display Fields Settings] in the menu.


Display Fields Settings

Display Fields Settings Screen

Display Fields Settings

Set the fields to be displayed in Denbun user list screen.

Display Fields Settings

Choose the fields you want to display the data in Denbun user list screen.


This setting applies to the photo of users.

Whether the photo is displayed or not.

Login ID

Whether the ID requires to login is displayed or not.

E-mail Address

Whether the Company, Mobile, Private, and Other is displayed or not.

Default Group

Whether the default group is displayed or not.


Whether the division is displayed or not


Whether the Department-1 is displayed or not


Whether the Department-2 is displayed or not

Job title

Whether the job title is displayed or not


Whether the Direct, Direct2, Direct Fax, Extension, Home, Home Fax, Mobile, Mobile ID is displayed or not.

Click [OK] to save the changes.

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