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Edit Group

Click the link for the group in [Group Name].

Group Name Link
To edit a group

Group Information

Enter the information about the group.
* The Group Name is a mandatory field.

Group Name Enter the name of the group.
Organization Code

Enter 3-digits code.
If you want to get the organization code from an existing group, click [Select Parent Group].
Choose a group which has the organization code you want to get.

Internal Organization Code Enter the organization code used in your organization.
Contact Enter the contact information.
Notes Enter the notes if available.

Group Information

Select Parent Group

Select a parent group
When you click [Select Parent Group], the selection screen is displayed.

Select Parent Group

When you select a group and click "OK", the group code is displayed in the field.
Group Selection

Click [OK] button to save the changes.
To delete the group, click [Delete].

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