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Create New User

Click [Create New User] button in the list of users.

Create New User
To create new user

User Information

Specify the detail information about the user.
* Name and Login ID are the mandatory fields.

Name Enter the name of the user.
Login ID Enter the Login ID.
Login Password Enter the login password.
Login Password
(to confirm)
Enter the same password you specify in the [Password].
Access to
Create Contacts The user can add, edit, move and delete contacts in the public address.
Create Folders The user can add, edit, move and delete folders in the public address.
Photo Specify the image such as user's photo.
* When you add or delete a group to/from the belonged group, or choose the default group, the file name will be reset to the current value. Please specify it again if you wish to change it.
E-mail Address Enter the address for Company, Mobile, Private, and Other.
Default Group Choose the group that is displayed in lists or selection screen as the default for the user.
Division Enter the division of the company.
Department-1 Enter the department-1 of the company.
Department-2 Enter the department-2 of the company.
Job title (Code) Enter the job title and its code. The code will be used to sort the users.
* The users sorted by ascending order of the title code.
Phone Enter [Direct], [Direct Fax], [Extension], [Direct 2], [Home], [Home Fax], [Mobile], [Mobile ID].

User Information

Group List

Select groups that the user belongs.
When you click [Select Group], the selection screen is displayed.

Group List

Select a group and click "OK" button to show the selected group in the list.
If you want to select a group and all groups under the group, choose "All Groups under" and click "OK".

Group Selection

Click [OK] button to save the changes.

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