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Click [Preferences] to display [Preferences] window.
Click [Preferences].


Preferences Window

Change the appearance of messages and the way they are handled.

[Number of messages/page]

Choose the number of messages to be displayed on one page.

[Show confirmation dialog before sending message]

If you choose "Yes", the confirmation screen is displayed when sending messages.

[Save copies of messages in Sent folder]

Choose whether you want to save messages you sent to [Sent] or not.

[On replies and forwards]

If you choose "Include original message text", the text will be prefixed.

[Recipients when Reply to All]

Choose whether 'To' of the original messages is added to 'To' or 'Cc'

[When forwarding a message]

Choose whether original message text is quoted or attached.

[Mark messages as read]

Choose whether mark a message as read when the last line is displayed. Specify how long it waits until marking as read in seconds.
* If you do not specify [Wait the specified seconds before marking as read], messages are not read automatically.

[Automatic Receive]

If you choose "Yes", it receives folders and messages from the server automatically.

[Enable Drag & Drop files]

If you choose "Enable", the Drag & Drop files function is available.
* Drag & Drop files feature available only for Internet Explorer users.
Drag & Drop

Unable to input
* If [General Settings]-[Allow users to enable Drag & Drop files] is not "Allow", you cannot input this item.

Click the link to download the Drag & Drop control.
Download Link
Please refer here for how to install the Drag & Drop control.

Deleting expired old messages

If your administrator specified [Keeping Messages for] option in [General Settings] using the management tool, [Show confirmation dialog when WebMail deletes expired old messages] is displayed on the screen.

If you choose "No", it permanently deletes expired old messages irrespective of Read/Unread.

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