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Setting up Windows Server 2008 before the Installation

This guide explains how to setup Windows Server 2008 in order to use Denbun.
When you install Windows Server 2008, if you configure the application server, Internet Information Server 7 is installed.
In the default settings of Internet Information Server 7, executing CGI program is restricted and no directory for CGI programs provided. Therefore, you have to configure the environment for executing CGI programs.
This guide shows you minimum settings in order to use Denbun. Please setup and configure your server according to your security policy.

1. Install Internet Information Server 7

Install IIS.

1-1. In the [Initial Configuration Tasks], when you click [Add Roles], [Add Roles Wizard] will be displayed.
1-2. In [Add Roles Wizard], click [Next] button.
1-3. Select Web Server (IIS) on [Select Server Roles] page.
1-4. When you check the option, the dialog box is displayed. Click [Add Required Features] button.
1-5. The dialog is closed and [Select Server Roles] page is displayed again. Make sure that "Web Server (IIS)" is checked and click [Next] button.
If you wish to sue [Directory Service], check "Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services" in order to install required commands for LDAP search.

1-6. The description of "Web Server (IIS)" is displayed. Click [Next] button.
1-7. Choose role services to install.
In [Application Development], choose "CGI" and "ISAPI Extensions".
After check the options, click [Next] button.
1-8. The confirmation page is displayed. Click [Install].
1-9. The installation will be started. Please wait for a while.
1-10. IIS is installed. Confirm the installation results and click [Close] to complete the installation.
When this screen is closed, [Server Manager] is displayed. Please do not close the screen because we configure CGI settings, etc. by using the server manager in the next steps.

2. Create a Directory and Set Necessary Permission

Create a directory for the destination directory of Denbun and set the permission required for executing CGI programs.

2-1. Create a directory using Explorer.
  Setting up Windows Server 2008 before the Installation - 1
  * In this explanation, we create the directory named "Script" under the "Inetpub" directory.
However you do not have to create a directory under the "Inetpub", you can create it in other drive such as "D" drive. Also, you do not have to name the directory "Scripts".

2-2. Open the properties of the directory you created and choose "Security" tab and give "Everyone" group "Full Control" permission.
  Setting up Windows Server 2008 before the Installation - 2
  * Giving "Everyone" group "Full Control" is not a mandatory.
If you restrict the access by Internet Information Service, appropriate access rights are set to the users, Denbun works.

3. Create a Virtual Directory for Executing CGI Programs

Configure CGI settings and the folder for CGI by using the server manager.

3-1. When Internet Information Services 7 is installed, [Server Manager] is displayed.
Choose [Roles]-[Web Server (IIS)]-[Internet Information Services].
In the right view of the server manager, [Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager] is displayed. In [Home], open ISAPI and CGI Restrictions.

3-2. When ISAPI and CGI Restrictions screen is displayed, click [Edit Feature Settings] from the menu in the right side of the screen.
3-3. [Edit ISAPI and CGI Restrictions Settings] dialog is displayed. Check;
Allow unspecified CGI modules
Allow unspecified ISAPI modules
and click [OK] button.
3-4. In the site tree, right-click on [Default Web Site] to display the popup menu, and choose [Add Application].
3-5. The [Add Application] screen is displayed. Enter "scripts" in the Alias field and specify "C:\Inetpub\Scripts". Click [OK] button when you complete the entry.
3-6. Choose "script" alias you created and run [Handler Mappings].
Click [Edit Feature Permissions] form the menu on the right hand side of the screen.
3-7. On [Edit Feature Permissions] screen, uncheck [Read] and check [Execute].
* You can prevent direct access to the files in the Denbun directory from browsers by unchecking [Read] option.

4. Using Denbun

4-1. After complete the installation of IIS, install Denbun.
-> Please refer this guide for how to install Denbun.
4-2. After complete the installation of Denbun, access to Denbun.
If the login screen is displayed and you can login to Denbun, the installation is completed normally.
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