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Installation Guide - Linux Version

This section describes how to install Denbun POP Version in Linux OS.
* Please refer to the system requirements on the product web site for Linux distribution supported.

Please take the following steps in order to install Denbun POP Version for Linux.

Please read this guide before installation.

The following software should be installed and working normally in your operating environment in order to install Denbun POP Version for Linux.Please make sure about that.

EPostgreSQL 9.2.x

And also, the development environment is required to install PostgreSQL and other Software, you need to have the following Software.

- gcc-c++
- GNU make
- readline-devel
- zlib-devel

If the above software is not installed, or another version of the software is installed, uninstall them and follow the following installation guide to install the necessary software.
If your operating environment meets the requirement, follow the 3. Installing and configuring Denbun.

[Installing on 64bit OS]
Denbun can be used on 64 bit OS, however the 32 bit version of libraries are required.
If you wish to install it on 62 bit OS, please install 32 bit version of libraries (glibc, libstdc++) before hand. Please compile PostgreSQL appropriately.They work on both 32 and 64 bit environment.

Installation Guide
1 Setting up OS
2 Installing and configuring database (PostgreSQL)
3 Installing and configuring Denbun
4 Configuring the scheduler
5 Confirm the installation
6 Installing Denbun for Mobile
7 About the system operation (Backup and restore data)
8 Uninstalling Denbun

This guide assumes that Denbun POP Version for Linux is installed in a new server.The procedure and command may be different than they are described in this guide.

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