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New features in V2.0I R4.1

This section describes new features added in V2.0IR4.1.

Provides the login mode for limit access from specific mobile devices.
If you check "Limit access from specific mobile devices" option in "General Settings", you can limit access from mobile devices (available for Japanese mobile devices with Japanese mobile operators).
Limit the devices that can login makes strong security.
Limit access from users who use the mobile device whose device identification numbers are registered in Denbun by the administrator.
-> To setup the feature, please refer "Mobile device settings for Mobile version".
-> To register device identification numbers, please refer "Device identification number".
The functions, import and export users are added.
You can import and export users in the management tool.
-> Please refer "Import Users" for import.
-> Please refer "Export Users" for export.
Supports Safari (Browser)
You can use Mac OS standard Safari to access to Denbun.

ŠPlease refer to the following for the matters that require attention when you use Safari.
-> Limitations
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