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-> New features in V3.1

This section describes new features added in V3.1

Changed mails data storage.
Messages and indexes (search and status data) are stored in files instead of database.

Reducing amount of data in the database makes less maintenance time of database.

Added optimizing message indexes function.
User can optimize her/his mail indexes data from the menu.
The "Optimize Message Indexes" can be performed for all the users in a lump in the administration tools.

Please refer the following pages fro each function.

User's Manual - Optimize Message Indexes
Administrator's Manual - Optimize Message Indexes

Improved message search function.
- AND search is available.
AND search can be performed when you enter more than one keyword by separating a space.

e.g. Searching messages which contain "Smith" and "Denbun".

- Multilanguage search support.
Messages written in Chinese, Korean, etc can be searched.

Changed search method.
Use N-gram instead of Morphological Analysis Engine.

-> Limitations

Changed method of field selection for search.
To improve search performance, one of "All", "From", "To/Cc", "Subject", "Message body" can be selected.

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