Denbun IMAP Security Update (12/27/11)

You can download the update module for Denbun IMAP Version.

Please confirm the version of Denbun IMAP version you are now using and download the module suited to your server OS.

Please backup the data before updating.

[Security Update] Core Module

Target Version All Versions
If you have not upgraded your Denbun from a previous version, but have newly installed Denbun IMAP Version V3.0I R1.0 or higher, you don't have to apply the patch.
Version after Updated no change
Type of Update Patch
Released 12/27/11
Choose a module suited to your server OS.

Support OS File Name Size Guide
Windows Version (Windows Server 2003) dnwmlsp111227wn.exe 1,556KB  
Linux Version
(RedHat Enterprise Linux 4/
CentOS 5.2, 5.3)
denbun-sp-111227-1.0.i386.rpm 307KB  
dnwmlsp111227lR9.tar.gz 304KB  
Solaris Version (Solaris 9/ 10) dnwmlsp111227sol.tar.Z 395KB  

The following is the complete list of changes.

Changes Improvement and Bug fix Module Applied
Improvement Directory traversal vulnerability in Denbun IMAP. Core