Update Denbun POP version V2.0P R6.4 to V3.0P R1.1

Please backup the data before updating.

[Version up] V2.0P R6.4 -> V3.0P R1.1

Target Version Denbun POP Version V2.0P R6.4
Version after Updated Denbun POP Version V3.0P R1.1
Database Server PostgreSQL 8.3
Released 5/12/11
Please backup the data before updating.
You cannot use Internet Explorer 6 in Denbun POP V3. Please confirm your server and client environment before version up.
-> Server Requirements for Denbun V3
-> Clients Requirements for Denbun V3
Choose a module suited to your server OS.

Support OS File Name Size Guide
Windows Version (Windows Server 2003) dnpwmlupV30PR11wne_pg83.exe 5,536KB Installation Guide
Linux version
(RedHat Linux9/
RedHat Enterprise Linux 3,4)
dnpwmlupV30PR11lR9.tar.gz 6,056KB Installation Guide

Please refer the following for detailed information what is new.

Module Applied Changes
Core Fixed the problem where it could not work in the message composing screen if the display name is too long.
Fixed the problem where HTML content might be displayed as an attachment file if a message in the draft folder is re-edited.
Fixed the problem where selecting folders cannot be done if the Automatic Receive is enabled.