desknet's Integration

Strengthen Your WebMail by The desknet's Integration

If you are a NEOJAPAN's desknet's user, you can strengthen your WebMail system with Denbun.You can use [Tab Menu] feature in desknet's so that users do not have to login Denbun.

This is the gadget interface which enables displaying new and unread messages Denbun received on the top portal screen of Groupware desknet's (*).
Integration of Groupware and Denbun makes high-usability.
* desknet's Ver.7 or higher

Constructing a global communication platform with Denbun and desknet's

By using Denbun with multilingual groupware "desknet's Enterprise Edition Multilingual Version" or "desknet's Middle Edition Multilingual Version", you can construct an internal communication platform quickly and with low cost.

Single Sign-on
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