Denbun POP Version Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Installation

No. Question
001 I'm using desknet's Web server, but a script error occurred and I can't login.
002 I get "-10028" and the login screen is not displayed. (mobile version)
003 Can I use the user interface provided in DenbunV2.0P in DenbunV3.0P or higher?
004Can I use the Japanese English translation feature for free of charge?
005Please give me the pricing and ordering information of the Japanese English translation feature.
006 I want to upgrade V3.0P to V3.1P.

Questions about Using

No. Question
001 I can see a message but I can't get message text when I print it out.
002 I get a message like "Failed to send mails.The E-mail address may be wrong.",however the address should be correct.
003 When I compose or receive messages in ISO-8859-14 Celtic (ISO) or ISO-8859-7 Greek (ISO), I have a trouble of Mojibake:garbage characters.
004 When I receive messages sent from Denbun in Outlook, Outlook Express, I have a trouble of Mojibake:garbage characters.
005 When I receive messages sent from Denbun in Outlook, Outlook Express, the character positioned at 0xAE and 0xBE is displayed in other character code set (KOI8-RU).
006 (Only for Japanese information available because this is Japanese Mobile phone specific question) au,ソフトバンクにて簡単ログイン設定で登録ボタンを押すと「お使いの携帯端末の個体識別情報を取得できないため、簡単ログインの設定をすることができません。」というメッセージが表示されるのですが。
007 When the trash setting is activated?
008 When I choose a language on the message composing screen, the screen is corrupted.
009The message, "Runtime error occurred" or "Login is no longer valid" is displayed on the login screen.
010When I enable the Drag & Drop option and download the installer and install it, even I already open Denbun, another Denbun window is open.
011 The message I sent remains in the draft folder.

Questions about Administration

No. Question
001What should I backup?
002 The response (displaying messages, searching) is slower than before.