Work Smart with Email

Change Your Emailer to WebMail to Improve Security & Business Efficiency

Number of enterprises which implement WebMail is increased. WebMail sends and receives messages on a browser instead of a desktop application installed in a PC.
One of reasons is to strengthen security.Since WebMail does not store message data in PCs, even if a PC is lost or stolen, information leaking is prevented.
Another reason is to send and receive messages in any environment.Users can access to the mail server in their office even if they are on the way or business trip by using WebMail.In business efficiency and continuity points of view, implementing WebMail has advantages.

Denbun POP Version Makes Your Business Smart with High Operability

user interface we have never seen before.Denbun POP Version is developed with the next generation HTML5 web standard. Users can use Denbun just like a desktop emailer without any stress. Denbun realizes smart work (to work smart and efficient).

  • Looks and Feels like a Desktop Application With HTML5
  • Supports Japanese/English Bilingual Features for Globalization
  • Comfortable Business Communication Anytime Anywhere
  • Small Differences Make Big Effect!Convenient Features
  • IMAP Obtains High Performance for a Large Scale Implementation

WebMail Strengthens Anti Information Leaking and Security

People are working in not only the office but also various palaces such as outside of office, on the way or home.In any case, people use email.There are some problems if people take a Note PC to do that.
Firstly, security problem.Message data is stored in the user's PC in standard email Software.If the PC is lost or stolen, there is risk of leaking information.To begin with taking PC is hard.
Since Denbun does not store message data, It is safer even if the PC is lost.Furthermore, Email can be used any mobile phones, smart phones and PCs in a hotel room if users are on business trip.


System Configuration

Use with Mobilephones, Smartphones and Tablet PCs Now

Speediness is required now a days, speedy handling messages is also required.You may loose your business chances unless you speedy reply to messages from you customers even if you are on the way or business trip.
Denbun enables users to communicate speedy anywhere because it supports mobile devices, smartphone and Tablet PCs.Denbun enables users to communicate speedy anywhere because it supports mobile devices.


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Small Differences Make Big Effect!Convenient Features

Not easy to reduce wrong transmission.If a message you sent to wrong person is important, it makes big trouble.Denbun provides "Undo Send" function which sends a message after certain time is elapsed when the user click the send button.
Furthermore, in the new version, some other functions such as the batch attachment files downloading are added to improve usability and Denbun is now much similar to a desktop email client.


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Translate English messages at once

Since globalizing of business activity, opportunity of exchanging English messages is increased.Dictionary and translation tools are mandatory when reading English messages.There are Software and services on the web, but whenever she/he wants to find something, she/he has to open the Software and/or copy & paste text.
Denbun provides Japanese/English and English/Japanese translation functions which is integrated with Excite.It enables user to translate text easily.

The Japanese English translation feature is a charged service provided by Excite Japan Co., Ltd.
If you wish to use the feature, you have to a subscribe to Excite.
Important Notice(8/29/12)
Notice of the Japanese English translation feature of Denbun offer ends

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Thanks to The Latest HTML5, It's Easy to Use

Using a WebMail gives us many advantages such as centralized data or mobile access. However if we compare a WebMail with a desktop application, in fact, there are many non user-friendly WebMail Software.If we choose a such Software, it worsens users' operability and increases volume of work for system administration due to increasing number of questions about how to use...


To realize smart work, user interface of email Software is important. If we pursue user interface which is the almost same as the user interface of a desktop emailer, HTML5 is a mandatory.We developed Denbun with HTML5 and improved user friendless.Although Denbun is a WebMail, almost all operations such as Drag&Drop, resize window, open window can be done by mouse like your desktop application.