Update Denbun POP version V3.0P R1.1 to V3.1P R2.0

[Version up] V3.0P R1.1 -> V3.1P R2.0

Target Version Denbun POP Version V3.0P R1.1
Version after Updated Denbun POP Version V3.1P R2.0
Database Server PostgreSQL 8.3
Released 12/19/11
Please backup the data before updating.
If you use Mobile Version, Gadget, or i-Appli add-on, please re-install it after the version up.
If you wish to upgrade them, please contact us using the following inquiry form.
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Please refer "New features in V3.1" for the changes.
Please refer the following information for the modifications.

Module Applied Modified
Core Fixed the problem where position of the input cursor may not be moved correctly when a user enters the enter key.
Fixed the problem where the auto-complete function does not work when a user tries to enter 2nd address after entering "," comma.
Fixed the problem where BCC is not displayed for a message which was sent to her/himself.