Update Denbun POP version V3.1P R2.0 to V3.3P R1.3

[Version up] V3.1P R2.0 -> V3.3P R1.3

Target Version Denbun POP Version V3.1P R2.0
Version after Updated Denbun POP Version V3.3P R1.3
Database Server PostgreSQL 8.3
Released 4/17/12
Last update 12/15/12
Please backup the data before updating.
If you use Mobile Version, Gadget, or i-Appli add-on, please re-install it after the version up.
Choose a module suited to your server OS.

Support OS File Name Size Guide
Windows version(Windows Server 2003/2008) dnpwmlupV33PR13wn_pg83.exe 10,855KB Installation Guide
Linux version
(RedHat Enterprise Linux 4/5,
CentOS 5.1/5.2/5.5)
dnpwmlupV33PR13lR9.tar.gz 18,147KB Installtion Guide

Please refer "New features in V3.3" for the changes.
Please refer the following information for the modifications.

Module Applied Modified
Core Fixed the problem where a message which is not specified as junk e-mail is moved to the trash when receiving the message.
Fixed the problem physical files for messages are not deleted when using IIS in a Windows Server.
Fixed the problem messages which were already received are received several times if "Leave Messages on POP3 Server" option is enabled when receiving messages.
Smartphone I/F Fixed the problem a specific message is not displayed correctly and an error message is displayed when using the smartphone I/F in an iPhone.
It corresponded to iPhone5.(R1.3)