Questions about Administration

Questions about Administration 002

The response (displaying messages, searching) is slower than before.

Denbun data is managed by DB. If you don't take any maintenance, data volume becomes large and the response become slow. The maintenance procedure depends on the version of Denbun, please refer the followings.

[V3.1P or higher]
-> Regular Maintenance Tasks

* Please refer both "About PostgreSQL Maintenance Tasks" and "About Message Indexes Maintenance Tasks".If you want to run the maintenance task (About Message Indexes Maintenance Tasks) automatically, "Configuring Autorun for Optimize Message Indexes".

[V3.0P or lower]
-> Regular Database Maintenance Tasks

Since all the data is managed in PostgreSQL In V3.0P or lower, users cannot use Denbun during the maintenance.Please refer "About rough time estimation for the maintenance process" for details.