Update Denbun POP version V3.3P R1.2 to V3.3P R1.3

Please backup the data before updating.

[Revision up] Core Module V3.3P R1.2 to V3.3P R1.3

Released 12/15/12
Target Version Denbun POP Version V3.3P R1.2
Version after Updated Denbun POP Version V3.3P R1.3
Database Server PostgreSQL 8.3
Type of Update Patch
Choose a module suited to your server OS.

Support OS File Name Size Guide
Windows Version (Windows Server 2003) dnpwmlpatch2V33PR13wn_pg83.exe 1,370KB Installation Guide
Linux version
(RedHat Linux9/
RedHat Enterprise Linux 3,4)
dnpwmlpatch2V33PR13lR9pg83.tar.gz 5,300KB Installation Guide

The following is the complete list of changes.

  Specification Changes Applied
Changes It corresponded to iPhone5. Smartphone I/F