DenbunP for Android

A screen of DenbunP for Android Download DenbunP from App StoreDenbunP is a dedicated application for Android devices. You can use Denbun POP Version on Android smartphones/tablet PCs.
Almost all operations such as receiving, replying, replying all, forwarding and composing messages, selecting folder (supports hierarchical folders), searching for contacts in the address book/user list, selecting account (supports multiple e-mail accounts) can be done on an Android smartphone or tablet PC.
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Video Demonstration for DenbunP for Android

Supporting Android Smartphones and Tablet PCs

DenbunP for Android is a dedicated application for Android devices so that high operability and speedy operation can be realized.
Email messages can be processed efficiently even if you are outside or on the way and have short free time.

High Operability and Speedy Operation Are Realized as an Android Application

Processing Email Messages Smoothly

DenbunP provides various functions such as filtering unread messages, integrating telephone book in an Android device, calling to the telephone number which is automatically extracted in a message text to process email messages efficiently.

Supporting Landscape Display and High Resolution Display

DenbunP supports tablet PCs' landscape display and high resolution display.
You can use DenbunP comfortably depending on the situation.

iPhone Appli/i-appli Can Be Used by The Same License

DenbunP can be used by the license for "DenbunP for iPhone" which is a dedicated application for iPhone and "Denbun POP Version i-appli" which is an application for i-Mode devices.
If you have already implemented "DenbunP for iPhone" or "Denbun POP Version i-appli", all your need is just downloading DenbunP application from Android Market.

You can try it online demo

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet PC, you can try to use DenbunP (Free of charge).(Free of charge)
Please see "Online Demo" for the setting procedure, etc.

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