A screen of i-appli Almost all operations such as receiving, replying, replying all, forwarding and composing messages, selecting folder (supports hierarchical folders), searching for contacts in the address book/user list, selecting account (supports multiple e-mail accounts) can be done on a mobile device (i-appli).
(The user interface is available in Japanese only)

Video Demonstration for i-appli (Available in Japanese)

Quick Email Processing on Mobile Devices

Denbun POP Version i-appli receives certain volume of messages from the Denbun server and keeps them when the application is started up, process of program such as drawing screen is done on a mobile device, therefore i-appli is running much faster than Denbun Mobile version (CHTML base).

i-appli uses many keys such as cross key and menu keys so that users can use it like a PC version and stress free.

Quick Preview

Just choosing a title shows several rows of the message in the blink of an eye. You do not have to open messages which you can not imagine by the title one by one.

Unique and Convenient Searching for Messages by Calendar for Heavy Users

Denbun POP Version i-appli provides a unique function which selects messages only sent/received on the day specified by the calendar.

Messages sent and received yesterday or last week, messages we sent received last month frequently... This is a function which enables finding messages by human's memory and the calendar search from mass messages.

Security Advantage Too

When Denbun i-appli is closed, no data remains in the mobile device. This is safe and protects personal information when you loose the device.

iPhone Appli/Android Appli Can Be Used by The Same License

Denbun POP Version i-appli can be used by the license for "DenbunP for iPhone" which is a dedicated application for iPhone and "DenbunP for Android" which is an application for i-Mode devices.
If you have already implemented "DenbunP", all your need is just downloading "i-appli Client".

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